Will I Have Enough Storage Space in My 2-Bedroom Townhome?

Will I Have Enough Storage Space in My 2-Bedroom Townhome?

Aug 16, 2023

If you’re looking at 2 bedroom townhomes for rent, you may be worried about storage for all your personal items. Preserve Townhomes offers two-bedroom units with storage solutions placed strategically throughout the homes to help you stay organized.


Our two-bedroom units provide multiple closets for storage. On the main level, we have a closet behind the stairs where you can hang coats and store other items, such as vacuums or outdoor toys. The bathroom includes a closet where you can keep towels, bedding, extra paper goods, and more. On the second level, you have two bedrooms, each with walk-in closets. The closets provide about 25 square feet of space for clothes and other items. They also feature open shelves around the walls, where you can hang clothes and place other items on top.

Laundry Room and Garage

With our 2 bedroom townhomes for rent, you get a dedicated laundry room. Use the shelves for additional storage or place rolling carts and other portable storage containers in the room. Our attached garage gives you even more room for larger items, such as camping gear, bikes, and tools. You can place open shelving units along the walls to store totes and boxes for seasonal or occasional-use items.

Cabinets and Shelves

Besides the dedicated storage space in our townhomes, you’ll find that these properties come with cabinets and shelving throughout the rooms. The kitchen includes upper and lower cabinets along two walls to hold all your dishes, cookware, and food. There’s an empty space where you can place a china cabinet for dishes or a serving cart. Bathrooms include closed storage under the sink where you can store cleaning supplies, towels, and other items.


The master bedroom in our townhomes is a generous 260 square feet. You have room to place a dresser and other furniture for personal items. This space will fit a desk and cabinet for your computer, printer, and other electronic devices. Place a bookcase along one wall where you display books, DVDs, or your collections. The second bedroom is only slightly smaller, which gives you space for additional storage if you plan to use it as a guest room or home office. If you have kids, you can fit a toybox in this room along with their dresser and chest of drawers.

Creative Storage Options

These townhomes can fit your needs when you get creative with storage. In the living room, an ottoman with a lid can double as storage and extra seating. Use the space to store games or toys. Bring in a buffet for the dining area where you can keep special dishes and serving sets until you need them for entertaining. Put a deck box on the covered patio where you can place grilling accessories, lawn chairs, and other outdoor items.

Tour Our 2 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

You can find out how well our two-bedroom townhomes fit your needs when you take a tour. See these units in person and look at the storage available throughout the space in the closets, garage, and bedrooms. Contact Preserve Townhomes for more information about how you can make one of these units your new home.