Tips for Renewing Your 3 Bedroom Townhome Lease

Tips for Renewing Your 3 Bedroom Townhome Lease

Jun 27, 2024

If you’ve been renting a townhome and renewal time is coming up, you have a big decision about your future living arrangements to make. Renewing your current lease offers the benefits of convenience and security, but there also may be other 3 bedroom townhomes for rent that fit your needs. Here are some tips for renewing your lease if you choose to do so:

Decide if Renewing Is Your Preferred Choice

As you think about your leasing options, peruse some available 3 bedroom townhomes to rent. Viewing your possible options will help you solidify your decision of whether renewal or moving is preferable for your situation. Do this early in the process, as many landlords may require at least 2-3 months prior notice of vacation or renewal before a lease terminates.

Your decision will be influenced by the neighbors at your current residence, the distances to your job and interests, and the square footage of the unit. Landlords may also plan to increase rental rates and change termination conditions, which they are legally obligated to notify you of with plenty of notice. Make a list of the pros and cons of staying in your current lease before signing a new agreement.

Reread Rental Agreement and Renewing Rights

Reread the details about renewals in your current lease agreement. You will need to know your rights and responsibilities, as well as the landlords’, when it comes to renewing the lease. Staying informed limits the chances of surprises when getting into a new lease. Rereading your current lease will also help remind you of the current termination requirements and conditions, such as security deposit reimbursement or cleaning costs. If you get a deposit reimbursement after moving out, factor that into your potential moving costs.

Read the Renewal Lease Offer Letter

Your current landlord should send you a renewal letter several weeks prior to your termination date. This is the official starting point of the renewal process, and addressing the offer letter should not be postponed. The offer letter will outline key factors of the proposed renewal. The landlord should inform you of new lease expectations, rent amount changes (if any), revised term conditions, and updated dates. If you need help deciphering the details of your renewal offer letter at Preserve Townhomes, our team is available to assist.

Renegotiate Agreement Terms With Landlord

After assessing the renewal lease offer, determine if any details need renegotiation. You can discuss potential options for rental costs, repair requests, neighbor concerns, property maintenance ideas, termination dates, and more. Check the lease rates they are proposing and search around your area to see if they are comparable. This is a practical time to negotiate the possibility of allowing for a pet or replacing an appliance that is getting old.

Landlords are typically interested in keeping current tenants to avoid the process of finding a new renter, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is appropriate to discuss possible changes to a proposed renewal agreement. To renegotiate, approach your landlord early in the process, be respectful and direct, and present your concerns with a clear purpose for your stance. While they may not agree to all terms, many landlords may be willing to work with you so they can keep you as a tenant.

Review and Sign the New Lease Agreement

If you have decided to renew your lease, review the new lease agreement, noting any price changes and the new termination date. If you’ve made any changes through a negotiation period, make sure the landlord has included those in your new agreement. Verbal agreements should not be accepted. Put your new termination date into your calendar, and set notification reminders for response requirements to make sure you stay on track. Tenants should sign the lease first, and the process can be done either in person or online. If you choose to sign online, make sure you have received the correct documents. Print these documents to keep in your physical records.

Finding 3 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

For many individuals and families, townhomes offer more privacy and space than apartments. They also provide a spacious residence without the expense and upkeep of a single-family home. At Preserve Townhomes’ boutique Spring Lake location, you can have both the comfort of a home and a community. The neighborhood includes picnic areas and scenic walking trails and is close to restaurants, beaches, wellness facilities, and grocery stores.

Visit Our Community

Our townhomes come with either 2 or 3 bedrooms. You can view our photo gallery and virtual tours before deciding to come out for a physical visit. Preserve Townhomes’ Spring Lake units include custom kitchens, attached garages, gas fireplaces, and ample storage. As you’re looking for available 3 bedroom townhomes to rent, contact our team for assistance. We are located just 5 minutes from Grand Haven and 20 minutes from Grand Rapids.