Tips for Organizing Your Two-Bedroom Townhome Rental

Tips for Organizing Your Two-Bedroom Townhome Rental

Feb 15, 2024

Townhouses are an increasingly popular rental option because they have more square footage on a smaller property footprint, come with community amenities, and feature multi-level living spaces. The Preserve Townhomes community in Spring Lake has a variety of 2 bedroom townhomes for rent. Most property managers prevent renters from making holes or permanently altering walls, but there are other ways to make the most of your apartment. Organize your townhouse with these damage-free options and tips. 

Declutter Regularly

Decluttering your apartment removes visual chaos and makes it easier to find a specific item. It also has mental health benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety. There are many suggested methods for tackling decluttering. Some involve sorting through possessions by category, while others use a room-by-room method. Research a strategy that works for you and helps eliminate excess belongings. 

Take Advantage of Hidden Space

Utilize small and slim spaces for maximum storage opportunities. Gaps between the fridge and wall next to the stove or countertop, beside toilets, underneath the bed, and between the washing machine and dryer can be used to store everyday items or extra products. Look for different ideas for storing items in these slim spaces. Choices like skinny rolling carts, under-the-bed storage bags, magnetic shelves, or corner storage are all possibilities. 

Use Damage-Free Hooks and Baskets 

Damage-free adhesive strips are another option to add vertical storage. They can be attached to hooks and baskets so renters can hang items without risking permanent damage. Repositionable strips are safe on most surfaces, making it simple to relocate items like hanging keys, bags, kitchen utensils, or towels. 

Under-cabinet baskets maximize shelf space in a pantry, and under-sink shelf organizers are made to work around plumbing fixtures. Suction cups work well for hanging small baskets or ledges in the shower. An over-the-door organizer in the pantry can store food, and one in the bedroom works for extra shoes. 

Separate Rooms into Zones 

In many 2-bedroom townhomes for rent, a living room could be a playroom, or the second bedroom doubles as an office. Divide these multipurpose spaces into zones. Create a play zone by adding a few shelves or a cabinet that corrals all the toys into one area. Make a separate space for work by putting a desk and chair against a wall instead of sitting on the couch. Some renters prefer using physical dividers like shelves or room screens to distinguish each space. Zones don’t have to be large, but they do need to be a designated separate area. 

Choose Storage-Friendly Furniture

Furniture that doubles as storage gets clutter off the floor and out of sight. Storage ottomans, couches, benches, and cabinets are renter-friendly and don’t require drilling into the wall. A platform bed creates space underneath for storage bags or slim items. Other possibilities include storage drawers in a closet or a stand-alone linen closet in a bathroom. 

Get Creative 

Many communities with 2 bedroom townhomes for rent, like Preserve Townhomes, have a staged model available to tour. These can inspire renters to find the best way to use their space. A hallway coat closet may better function as additional pantry storage, and an empty bedroom might better serve as an exercise space or playroom. Adding removable shelves to a closet or putting a bookcase in a hallway corner are other creative ways to organize. 

Finding 2 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

Townhouses offer more space than a condo or apartment without all the maintenance of a single-family home. Even with extra space, organizing any home relies on evaluating your needs and making choices that fit your lifestyle. Preserve Townhomes has two-bedroom townhome rentals with built-in storage. Schedule a tour to learn more about our community.