Tips for Finding the Ideal Townhome Rental Property

Tips for Finding the Ideal Townhome Rental Property

Apr 9, 2024

Townhomes offer a combination of space, privacy, and amenities, making them a practical housing option for individuals and families. At Preserve Townhomes, we offer roomy two and three-bedroom townhomes for rent in Spring Lake, Michigan. Here are five tips for finding an ideal townhome rental property for your lifestyle:

1. Define Your Needs

Defining your needs helps you narrow down your townhome rental options and focus on properties that align with your unique preferences and requirements. During this process, determine how much space you need to accommodate your lifestyle. This includes the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and overall square footage. Decide if you need a separate home office or a dedicated space for hobbies or exercise. When making your decision, include your future plans and how your space needs may change over time. Try to factor in potential life changes such as starting a family, moving to a work-from-home position, or adding a new roommate.

Your storage requirements also play a role, especially if you have several types of sports/recreation equipment or seasonal items to stow. Make sure the townhome you choose has adequate closet space, pantry space in the kitchen, and additional storage areas like a garage. At Preserve Townhomes, we offer townhomes for rent with multiple bedrooms to provide you with increased flexibility to offer the perfect fit. Our spacious floor plans include ample storage, custom cabinetry, and attached garages to make stowing your possessions more convenient.

2. Research Locations

Researching locations when choosing a townhome rental can help you identify a suitable neighborhood for your lifestyle. If it is a factor in your decision process, assess the quality of nearby schools. Look for locations with gren space, recreational facilities and resources. To promote a more convenient commute, check the availability of public transportation, major highways, and proximity to your workplace or other frequently visited areas. You can test the commute during peak hours to get a realistic sense of travel times. 

Being located close to amenities and services like grocery stores and restaurants may also save you time and simplify your daily life. Our townhome community is located in the heart of Spring Lake, less than a mile from Lake Michigan access. It is minutes away from breweries, supermarkets, boutiques, and public parks. If you enjoy outdoor recreation, our townhome rentals have various activity options nearby, including golfing, hiking, and biking.

3. Schedule Viewings

Scheduling viewings allows you to gather valuable information about potential townhome rentals, assisting you with making an informed decision. Before taking a tour, make a list of points or criteria to evaluate during your visit. This could include assessing the townhome’s layout, bathroom sizes, or surrounding views. Having a list for your visit can help you stay organized and prioritize your primary needs. At Preserve Townhomes, we offer in-person and virtual tours of our units. You can call us to schedule a community tour or visit our website for a 360-degree view of our two and three-bedroom floor plans.

4. Assess Amenities

Townhome rental amenities can contribute to your comfort, convenience, and overall living experience. Identify your must-have amenities, such as stainless steel appliances or granite countertops. These features help enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your new space. If you have pets or plan to get them in the future, check whether the townhome rental is pet-friendly. Look for amenities such as pet parks, designated pet areas, or nearby walking trails where you can take them to exercise and play. 

Determine if you need outdoor space like a patio or balcony. Outdoor areas can be beneficial for relaxation, entertaining guests, gardening, or letting pets roam. Preserve Townhomes offers a variety of amenities, from private patios to outdoor picnic areas. We are a pet-friendly community with various trails for dog walking and exercise. Our units are also equipped with gourmet kitchens and gas fireplaces.

5. Ask Questions

Asking questions helps you clarify key details and manage your expectations when selecting your townhome rental. If you have pets, ask about the townhome community’s pet policy. Different townhome rentals may have varying occupation policies, including the size or number of pets you are allowed to have. Understanding these types of policies helps you stay within the rental agreement’s requirements. Inquire about maintenance and repair procedures to identify who is responsible for addressing concerns that may arise during your tenancy. At Preserve Townhomes, we have experienced management staff and maintenance teams available to meet your needs promptly.

Find Luxury Townhomes for Rent

Finding a townhome that fits your lifestyle requires various steps, including defining your needs and researching locations. These steps allow you to find a townhome that satisfies your size, storage, and amenity requirements. At Preserve Townhomes, we offer multiple-bedroom units with luxury features to help you create your ideal home. Contact us today to schedule a tour and view our available townhomes for rent.