How To Personalize Your 3 Bedroom Townhome Rental

How To Personalize Your 3 Bedroom Townhome Rental

Aug 31, 2023

As you look at 3 bedroom townhomes for rent, consider ways that you can make your townhome stand out from others. Here are a few different options to make your home look more unique:

Choose Interesting Artwork

Adding your artwork is one of the easiest ways to turn one of our 3 bedroom townhomes for rent into your own. Each wall is a blank canvas to decorate or showcase your personality and lifestyle. Have a family photo wall in the hall or living room. Hang your favorite painting over the fireplace. You can even put up the kids’ artwork on the stainless-steel refrigerator in the kitchen. The bedrooms upstairs can also be personalized with photos and paintings.

Cover the Floor with Rugs

Our townhomes feature beautiful laminate wood flooring throughout the space. While you may enjoy the upscale feel, you can also add a personal touch with rugs. Place a welcome mat by the front door or the patio door. Lay a soft carpet in front of the fireplace or sofa. Upstairs, you can add rugs by the bed or a plush bathmat outside of the shower. Select neutral colors that go with anything, or choose your favorite shades to add pops of color. 

Add Your Style Using Accessories

Showcase your personality through accessories. Add throw pillows to the sofa or chairs. Lay a blanket across the back of the sofa for those evenings when you want to curl up next to the fireplace. Even your end tables and coffee tables can show personality when you add lamps and other trinkets. Purchase real or fake plants that thrive in partial sun or shade and include them in your decor. Our townhomes feature multiple windows, allowing you to be more creative with placing live plants and flowers. 

Determine Purpose for Bedrooms

If you don’t need all three bedrooms for sleeping quarters, you can find other uses that make it personal to your needs. One bedroom could be set up as an office or exercise room. The third bedroom could be their playroom if you have young children who want to share a bedroom. Each of our bedrooms includes closets for extra storage to help you stay organized. 

Select a Theme 

Choose a theme for each room or for the entire house. Find ways to incorporate that theme into the space. You can place a vase with your favorite flowers on a table. Hang photos of flowers on the wall. If you prefer cars, place model cars around the room with pictures of vintage models on the wall. Your theme may be a color or texture which you can use throughout the entire space. 

Find 3 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent with Preserve Townhomes

Let Preserve Townhomes show you our available 3-bedroom units that you can turn into a personalized living space with your own ideas. These unfurnished townhomes are a clean slate that you can decorate to make them feel more like home for you and your family. Contact us to schedule a tour of one of these units.