How To Find the Right Townhome Rental for Your Family

How To Find the Right Townhome Rental for Your Family

May 22, 2023

Your townhome rental serves as a place for your loved ones to grow and thrive. Before making a decision, create a list of key features and amenities for your family. Preserve Townhomes offers spacious 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes for rent, suitable for families looking for a comfortable place to live. Here are a few tips for finding the right townhome for your family: 

Narrow Down a Location 

A townhome’s sense of community can help determine how comfortable you and your loved ones feel in a new space. Assess the suitability based on factors like nearby amenities and accessibility to the things you love. Choose an easily accessible neighborhood with a straightforward commute to your workplace. Research the neighborhood’s distance to valuable amenities like hospitals, schools, grocery, pharmacy, and recreation. 

Preserve Townhomes offers townhomes in the lovely village of Spring Lake, MI. The neighborhood is less than a mile from Spring Lake beach and Lake Michigan’s Grand Haven State Park. It also has nearby access to highways and outdoor recreational parks, making it easier to travel to work and explore local attractions.

List Your Must-Have Features 

When looking for townhome rentals that meet your family’s needs, it can be helpful to sit down together and create a list. Write down the features that matter most to help narrow down your options. Some convenient features for a family include:

  • Indoor Space: An ideal townhome will be spacious enough to accommodate your family size. At Preserve Townhomes, we offer spacious 2 bedroom townhomes for rent with over 1,300 square feet and 3 bedroom townhomes with over 1,500 square feet.
  • Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Choose a home with sufficient bedrooms and bathrooms to help keep your family comfortable. Our 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes both have 2.5 bathrooms.
  • Storage Space: Additional personal items are often needed as a family grows. Our townhomes provide plenty of storage for your clothes, toys, and other belongings.
  • Pet-Friendly Community: If you have a furry family member moving with you, look for a home that allows and embraces pets. The Preserve Townhomes community offers outdoor space for walking or playing with your furry friend. 

Making a list of your family’s desired townhome features, such as the distance to public parks and bike paths, may help you prioritize and make your decision easier. 

Tour our Townhomes

Taking a tour can give you an idea of what to expect if your family decides to move in. If your schedule allows, you can schedule an in-person tour to visit different rental units physically and we even offer self-guided tours if you’re schedule is busy! Take note of the various amenities, such as kitchen layouts, fireplaces, and garages.

Preserve Townhomes also offers virtual tours to accommodate potential renters with busy schedules or geographical constraints. Our virtual tours provide a comprehensive overview of each unit and a detailed look at the interior.

Find 2 and 3 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent

Preserve Townhomes offers luxury townhomes with a family-friendly atmosphere and a pet-friendly community. We’re located 20 minutes from Grand Rapids and 5 minutes from Grand Haven, giving you access to local attractions, unique entertainment, and delicious dining. Our homes are managed and maintained by a dedicated team ready to answer any questions. Contact us today to inquire about our multiple-bedroom townhomes for your family.