Amenities Available for Preserve Townhomes Residents

Amenities Available for Preserve Townhomes Residents

Feb 27, 2023

When looking for a house rental, you want a location that makes your life easier. Preserve Townhomes offers high-quality rental townhomes in Spring Lake, MI, with access to various amenities to make your stay convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable. We have 2 bedroom townhomes for rent, well maintained and spacious. We also have 3 bedroom townhomes suitable for larger families.

Amenities Available for Preserve Townhomes Residents

1. Local Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment

Grand Havens is just a five minutes drive from our rental townhomes. There you’ll find restaurants and bars, galleries, boutiques, grocery stores, fitness studios, beauty salons, public parks, and more. You can also access outdoor recreational activities like hiking, swimming at the beach, golfing, and many others. And with just 20 minutes to Grand Rapids, you can make a quick trip to this city for more shopping, entertainment, and attractions. The convenience our rental townhomes provide allows you to enjoy your stay in Spring Lake.

2. Spacious Homes With Custom Features

Our units are available in 2 bedroom townhomes for rent and 3 bedroom ones. The houses are large and well maintained, with features that make your stay comfortable and luxurious. We offer amenities like a private patio, a foyer, a dining area, a spacious living room to host friends, a custom kitchen with modern appliances, gas fireplaces, bathrooms, walk-in closets for extra storage needs, large bedrooms, and much more. You also get a garage to store your car and other belongings securely. Enjoy living in a house you can call home with the comfort and convenience of Preserve Townhomes.

3. Highway Access

The location of our rental townhomes in Spring Lake also provides easy access to highways and state roads. That makes commuting to work or running errands much faster and more convenient. Whether you’re traveling to Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Kentwood, Holland, or any other surrounding city, easily get on the highway from our townhomes and be there in no time. Explore local attractions or take a quick weekend getaway to nearby towns to see what the rest of Michigan offers.

4. Pet-friendly Community

At Preserve Townhomes, we are a pet-friendly community. Pets are part of the family and should enjoy the same comfort and peace as everyone else. Whether you have a cat, dog, or another pet, they can stay with you. We have plenty of space to exercise, walk, and play with your precious animal. The local parks provide many outdoor activities for you and your furry friend.

5. Professional Management and Maintenance Staff

We understand the need for a well-run property that provides quality services. That is why our rental townhomes have professional property management and maintenance staff to handle any issues. Our team is always prompt and courteous, ready to help you with requests or questions. We take pride in providing great customer service and quality living at our rental townhomes.

Explore Our 2 Bedroom Townhomes for Rent in Spring Lake, MI

With all the amenities available, our rental townhomes are ideal to call home. Whether you’re looking for a place to live with your family or yourself, come to Preserve Townhomes in Spring Lake, MI, and explore our 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom townhomes. Enjoy living in a spacious, well-maintained home with amenities that make your stay comfortable, fun, and convenient. Take a virtual tour of our rental townhomes today, and contact us if you have questions.