6 Top Features To Consider When Renting a Townhome

6 Top Features To Consider When Renting a Townhome

Mar 11, 2024

Renting a townhome offers spacious layouts and low-maintenance living and fosters a sense of community through neighborly interactions. Create a list of your priority features and conduct thorough research to find a townhouse that suits your needs and lifestyle. Preserve Townhomes offers a wide range of townhomes for rent with amenities to enhance your living experience. Here are features to look into before settling on a townhome:

1. Location

Look for communities with amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, recreational areas, and public transportation nearby. Renting a townhouse with proximity to these amenities offers convenience and accessibility to key services for daily living. Choose a townhouse close to your workplace to minimize commute times, allowing more time for work.

At Preserve Townhomes, we offer well-designed townhomes for rent in the heart of Spring Lake, Michigan. Our townhomes are less than a mile from amenities like public parks, restaurants, boutiques, grocery stores, highway access, and fitness studios to enhance comfort. They are also a short distance from Grand Rapids and Grand Haven, providing more options for shopping and recreational experiences. The Spring Lake Public School District and several private schools available in the area also provide access to high-quality education.

2. Home Features

Home features such as parking, appliances, storage spaces,  balconies, and laundry impact a townhome’s comfort and functionality. Establish your non-negotiables when house hunting to settle on a townhome that suits your needs. Check appliances and fixtures to verify they’re functioning correctly and meet your efficiency needs. If you value entertainment or plan to host gatherings, make sure your townhouse offers adequate outdoor space, like a patio or backyard.

Our townhouses are available in two- and three-bedroom units to accommodate your household size and individual needs. They’re equipped with modern features such as custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops for upscale living. These units also come with modern, spa-inspired bathrooms where you can unwind and rejuvenate after a busy day.

3. Lease Terms

Before deciding on your new home, consider the length of time you expect to be there. Understanding the terms of your lease is important for a good relationship between you and your property manager. Typical lease term lengths are 12, 15, 18 months. Some locations will offer short-term leases throughout the year, and in some cases, month-to-month extensions after the lease term is up. Carefully review all lease terms before renting a townhome to make sure that you can abide by any set conditions. Preserve Townhomes offers discounts for lease renewals and this is a way to save money if you plan to extend your lease.

4. Pet Policies

If you own a pet, understanding pet policies at your potential townhome enhances compliance and avoids future conflicts. Check policies outlining the allowed pet breeds, the number of pets, or charges you need to pay if you own a pet. Our townhomes offer a pet-friendly environment, with each floor plan designed to accommodate pets and keep them comfortable. You only need to have them neutered or spayed and their vaccinations updated. We also have walking trails where you can walk your furry friend as you take in the beautiful scenery at Spring Lake.

5. Deposits and Fees

Deposits can be the same amount as monthly rent, but in more expensive townhomes, deposits may be less. It is an assurance that you will take good care of the house, and in case of any damage, the deposit fee caters to the repair costs. Before signing a lease to a townhome, verify the required fees. Determine if any application fees or security deposits are within your set budget.

6. Community Policies

Each townhome community has policies and requirements to keep the area orderly and interactions with neighbors respectful at all times. Some property managers require trash containers to be stored inside. Some require pets to be on leash, or accompanied at all times. All communities will have noise ordinances and policies related to things like grills, outdoor activities, vehicle storage, and yard games, etc. Get to know these policies and make sure they align with your lifestyle and your needs. Always refer to your guidebook or discuss these items with your property manager prior to signing a lease.

Choose Quality Townhomes for Rent

Choosing a townhome that suits your needs and preferences enhances convenient and comfortable living. Evaluate factors like features and amenities, location, security, and pet policies to make informed choices. Preserve Townhomes offers luxurious and modern townhomes for rent, giving you with value for your money. Contact us to schedule a physical tour and see our available units. You can also visit our website to take a virtual tour of the various floor plans in our listings.