6 Things To Look For in a Pet-friendly Townhome for Rent

6 Things To Look For in a Pet-friendly Townhome for Rent

Jan 19, 2024

When looking for pet-friendly townhomes for rent, there are various factors that you should consider. Consider things like green spaces, pet-friendly amenities, flooring, proximity to pet services, and more. Here are six things to look for in a pet-friendly townhome for rent: 

Green Spaces and Pet-Friendly Amenities

Look for properties with green spaces, parks, or designated pet areas where your furry friend can stretch their legs and socialize with other pets. Consider townhomes equipped with pet-friendly amenities such as dog parks, grooming stations, and walking trails. These features can help enhance your pet’s quality of life and make your living experience more enjoyable.

Pet-Friendly Flooring and Finishes

Pay attention to the flooring and finishes when searching for a pet-friendly townhome. Opt for homes with pet-friendly flooring like hardwood, laminate, or tile that are easy to clean and resistant to scratches. Stain-resistant carpets can also be a good choice. Avoid homes with high-maintenance materials that may show wear and tear more easily.

Proximity to Pet Services and Veterinary Care

Choose a townhome that is conveniently located near pet services, such as veterinary clinics, pet supply stores, and grooming salons. Proximity to these amenities can save you time and make it easier to provide your pet with the care they need. It also can help make sure that you can quickly access veterinary care in case of emergencies. 

Pet Deposit and Lease Terms

Before signing a lease, carefully review the pet-related terms and conditions. Most townhomes require a pet deposit or charge additional pet rent. Make sure that you understand the financial implications of having a pet on the property. Look for transparent lease terms that outline the rules and regulations regarding pets. This includes any restrictions on pet size, breed, or number of pets allowed.

Community Policies and Pet-Friendly Neighbors

Check the community policies regarding pets to make sure they align with your lifestyle. Some communities may have restrictions or specific guidelines for pet owners. Consider your neighbors because living in a community where other residents are pet owners can create a supportive and enjoyable environment. Look for signs of a welcoming community that embraces and values its four-legged residents.

Safety Measures for Pets

Evaluate the safety measures in place within the townhome and the surrounding area. Make sure that windows and balconies are secure to prevent any accidental falls. Check for pet-friendly fencing or enclosed outdoor spaces to allow your pet to roam without the risk of wandering off. Ask about any potential hazards in the area, like busy roads or toxic plants. A pet-friendly townhome should prioritize the safety of your pet and should provide you with peace of mind as you both enjoy your new living space.

Townhomes for Rent

At Preserve Townhomes, we offer pet-friendly two and three-bedroom townhomes. We want you and your pet to enjoy your time with us. We do this by providing information on safety measures, offering transparent pet lease terms, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our pet-friendly townhomes for rent.